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07 de Noviembre, 2011 · General

Making WOW Money in Lowbie Instance

In world of warcraft, if you playing Alliance, you could probably make a little more wow gold, but should be easy with either. However, having skinning will make it go a lot faster, you would need to be level 35+. Also you need someone with who supposed to be at least level 10 and 115 leatherworking too. You could make a mule yourself and get that skill level.

Head over to Wailing Caverns do the quest Deviate Eradication send recipe to the mule, then grind the instance, collect 10 percent deviate scales and 10 deviate scales, send to leatherworking mule, make belt and sell to rich rogue twinks for anything from 20-50 wow gold. Reset instance and repeat, good thing is you will never run into the instance limit as will take you longer than 12 minutes to complete it

There is no belt for sale on the Alliance Auction House. But there are a few guilds with all the blue stuff, such as barb, lynx, blackened but he didn't have this belt, maybe there is a big market for the belts.

For me, I didn't stay there for long, picked 3 perfect and 7 deviate, bags got full though. I sold lots of level 11-12 green dropped, even though not a large amount of WoW money in it.

If you get close to 50 wow gold for one belt I would imagine other players will start grinding for them, so it's imperative to act now.

For horde players, the nearest base is Crosseoads, easy for you to send stuff off or sell for wow gold. Happying WOW gold making in lowbie instance.


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publicado por caihuali12, el 24.11.2014 02:37
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